As the Holiday season rolls around, we are able to stop and give thanks for the people and situations in our life that we have been truly blessed with during the past year.  If you have bought or sold a home in the past 365 days, your Realtor might just be on your list.  If so, then you are in the norm.  87% of home buyers and 92% of home sellers were thankful that they utilized a Real Estate agent.

But why, you may ask?!?  Why are people so grateful they decided to choose an agent to represent them in the sale or purchase of their home?  Realtors not only answer the pesky phone calls, spend their time (not yours) prepping, scheduling and showing your home, and deal with all of those confusing contracts, there are some intrinsic values that are rarely discussed.

Overall, real estate professionals are dependable people.  Most Realtors, the Fate Team included, are attached to our phones and laptops - committed to getting the job done no matter the cost!  We have picked up clients from the airport or met them at kids’ soccer games to get contracts signed; whatever you need, your Realtor is there!  At the Fate Team, we joke that we are your gift with purchase, because we are a Team built of devoted professionals who never stop showing up and going the extra mile for past, current, and future clients.

Another frequently overlooked benefit to utilizing an agent: untapped resources at our fingertips!  Top-notch Realtors are often well connected.  This doesn’t merely mean that we remain solidly connected with our clients; we are also well connected with other professionals in the area.  A Realtor can add untold value to our clients’ experience by building strong and trusting relationships with superior quality local inspectors, appraisers, lenders, builders, designers… the list goes on and on.  For the client, this may mean a better hourly service rate, quicker turn around, or pre-market listings from builders and other Realtors that allow you to get a jump on your home-buying competition.  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage opportunities like that?

We, at the Fate Team, wish you and your family the HAPPIEST of Thanksgivings.  May your turkey not burn, your drinks be strong, and, most importantly, may your blessings be many this year!