A lot of buyers on the market are trying to attain the perfect timing; they want to be able to purchase a home, and a week later close on their home. With this minimally overlapping period, homeowners can carry two mortgages for the least amount of time possible, hugely cutting down on their expenses. Sounds great, right? But HOW exactly do you execute this walk on the timing high wire? Well, we at the Fate Team are here to help with a few tips and tricks of the trade!

The first thing to know is that listing your home takes about two times as long as purchasing a home. We don’t mean that the contract process is twice as long, rather, the prep combined with the marketing/contract time is double the length. When you list a home it is also important to note that 49% of buyers value a cleared out or clutter free home. As we all know, cleaning out our closets (non-Eminem style) is quite a task that requires time. A home that shows well will spend less time on the market, and a home owner will be able to capture a higher purchase price. A little elbow grease is clearly worth the investment.

With keeping this timeline in mind, the next questions would be “Does my home need any updates?” Wallpaper from the 1980's combined with yellowing counter tops WILL cause your home to sit on the market, decreasing your profit, and increasing your headache. Take the plunge and make the necessary updates. 78% of homeowners update their homes prior to listing, so how would your home stack up in comparison? Keep in mind, though, that this will add time to your “prep” timeline when you preparing to list your home. Time well spent, we say!

Lastly, HIRE A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL! A knowledgeable realtor will know the price to market your home at, so minimal time is spent on the market. He/She will also know what competing homes have on offer, so they can able to give you industry insight into which improvements will give you the most bang for your hard-earned buck!

Happy Friday everyone! We hope these tips help. If you have any more questions, please contact us at (813)877-FATE (3283) (FATE).  We're here for you!