Happy springtime, friends!  We hope everyone up north is thawing out after an exceptionally long winter, and that our neighbors down south are bearing the heat as the temperatures slowly inch upward!

This time of year always brings a barrage of questions our way.  “How do we spruce up our home before we list it?  What do we do?  What will make the biggest difference in getting our home sold, for the least amount of money?  You know… more bang for our buck!” 

Oh boy, do we have some answers for you!

First and foremost, curb appeal is KEY when listing your home. The first picture someone will see is the outside of your home, and if they don't like what they see, they won't feel any need to continue scrolling through your carefully chosen photos. Intense, right?  No pressure or anything!

So, where to start? We always recommend starting with landscaping. For our local, Florida friends, check out this link to a list of plants that are perfect for surviving Florida's "diverse" weather conditions.


Beautiful plants in the front will add depth, dimension, and convey the message "We take care of our plants, so we must also take care of our home."  Make sure to also trim those trees and bushes.  A few unkempt and unruly plants in the mix will steal the spotlight from those new, lively, ones!

Second, if you've been on Pinterest any time recently, you will see that a "Pop of Color" on your front door is all the rage.  A bright, attractive door color to match the flowers, coupled with a fresh coat of paint and a new doormat gives a look of cohesiveness. A pop of color will make your home *POP* in potential buyers’ minds!

Your next smart move?   It's time for some spring cleaning!   Clean those windows!  You won’t believe how much dirt and grime gets built-up on those beauties over time.  Sparkling windows can propel you by leaps and bounds in terms of creating eye-catching curb appeal – they have a way of welcoming you toward a home.

The moral of this little post is that, in terms of curb appeal, when you are preparing your home for listing, a little sweat equity goes a VERY long way!

Any other questions? Give us a call!